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cover-front-smallThe Planet in Peril, Survival Crisis and People’s Response
New book by Bharat Dogra, published by Vitasta Publishing, New Delhi

There is a growing realization that several serious environmental problems have been increasing to an extent that these now threaten the very life nurturing conditions of our planet. The accumulation of weapons of mass destruction is another major threat contributing to this. This book brings together several such serious problems which together constitute a survival threat.


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    खतरे में धरती की जीवनदायिनी क्षमता

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        Rural Innovation – High Potential Stifled by Avoidable Adversities

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          शहीद शंकर गुहा नियोगी की राह

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          About 350 articles and reports of Bharat Dogra were published in 2016. English articles were published in the Statesman, the, the, Mainstream, Janata Weekly, Farmers’ Forum, Economic and Political Weekly, Civil Society, Frontier, One India One People, Garhwal Post and other publications. Hindi articles and reports were published in Navbharat Times, Hindustan, Dainik Jagran, Amar Ujala, Amar Ujala Compact, Rashtriya Sahara, Deshbandhu, Rajasthan Patrika, Strot Features, Sarvodaya Press Service, Vividha Features, Step Sopan and other publications. Several of these can be seen on the net. One highlight of this year was the consistent coverage of distress conditions in Bundelkhand , much of which can be seen at the

          Bharat Dogra’s journalism work has been recognized in the form of several prestigious journalism awards.


          Bharat Dogra

          Bharat Dogra is a freelance journalist, author, researcher, activist, all combined into one.

          Dogra has contributed about 8,400 articles and reports in English and Hindi in various newspapers and journals, mainly on development, environment, human rights and social reform issues. He has also published nearly 400 books and booklets on topics of high social relevance.

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