An Author and Journalist Writing on Development, Environment, Human Rights and Society

bharat dogra

Bharat Dogra is a freelance journalist, author, researcher, activist, all combined into one. He has written for 50 years mainly on peace, environment protection and justice issues, writings widely used by educational programs and social movements.

  • Received 18 prestigious journalism awards and several fellowships
  • Around ten thousand articles and 400 books/booklets written in Hindi and English have been published, plus several poems and songs, short stories and novellas, broadcasts on prime time radio, taught development journalism
  • Helped several social movements
  • Served in senior honorary positions in campaigns for right for information, shelters for homeless persons, support for social activists; currently Honorary Convener - Campaign to Protect Earth NOW
  • Aim in life - contribute in a humble way to creating a world based on justice, peace and environment protection

Curriculum Vitae

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