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Articles Service

For Development, Environment and Peace Organizations, Colleges and Universities, Research and Social Organizations, Teachers, Media Organizations, Independent Researchers and Writers

This articles service is aimed at providing thought-provoking articles regularly on development, environment, peace, social reform and related issues.  Apart from reading and sharing these articles, these can be used as backgrounders in seminars, workshops, discussions, classes, trainings etc. The subscription rate is INR 200 per month or INR 2400 per annum.

For those organizations which also bring out publications and would like to have the publication rights as well the monthly subscription is INR 1000 and the annual subscription is INR 12,000.

This service provides on average 10 articles in a month on development, environment, health, education, welfare and other issues of high social relevance, from a perspective of peace, protection of environment and all species, justice, equality and sustainability. These articles are sent twice a month by email.

The articles are written mainly by veteran journalist Bharat Dogra on his own or jointly with others. His articles, booklets and books have been widely used in educational work. He has nearly five decades experience of writing on these issues for leading newspapers, journals and web-sites. His work has also been recognized in the form of several prestigious awards and fellowships.

How to subscribe — Just write to and copy to  regarding your decision to subscribe (and in what category, with or without publication rights) and we will start sending you the service. We will also send you the bank account details for depositing subscription amount. If you want to send payment by cheque or DD in the name of Bharat Dogra this is also OK and ask for postal address. Anyone sending payment should kindly inform by email. For any further enquiries please email or contact at phone number +91-9717450249.